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Knoebeley: Neighbourhood brewery from Munich-Lehel.

When the procession kicking off the biggest fair in the world begins on your doorsteps, you start to think: our street, the Knöbelstrasse, needs its very own Oktoberfest opening party ... and for that, its own craft beer, of course! So in 2012, a bunch of neighbours as enterprising as they are fond of beer came together in the home of one of them and founded their "Bräustüberl". And it is here, in the kitchen/living room, that four times a year, the crushing, mashing, lautering, boiling of the wort, separating of the trub, the cooling and fermenting take place. Our very own Stefan, as an inhabitant of Knöbelstrasse, enthusiastically takes part in it all. And to ensure that the end result looks as good as it tastes, Vince & Vert have designed the branding for Knoebeley beer. Cheers! (Or as we say in Munich: O baaangt is!)